On this page, you will see my design highlights of V2EX and other projects.

I launched V2EX in 2010 – an online community of developers and designers. Primary topics include programming, content creation, gaming, Apple, Android, and various hardware. It also provides a place for members to post job listings or sell personal stuff.

Now, according to Alexa Traffic Rank, it is a top 1000 website globally and top 100 in China.

I did the design of the website, as well as most of the Python backend code. I enjoy the design part most.

V2EX Homepage

This is the logged-in homepage of V2EX.

Of course it has a dark mode.

V2EX Nodes

V2EX organizes topics into Nodes. Each node has an icon. You can add nodes to personal favorites and show them all on one page. This page also supports drag-and-drop to adjust the order of nodes.

My wife Yi Han designed some icons for the nodes.

This is the listing of the latest topics from the node of Visual Studio Code.

A node for Minecraft players.

A heavily customized node about StarCraft 2.

Traffic statistics per node.

You can find a node quickly from the global search bar.

V2EX Posting

GitHub Flavored Markdown is supported when posting content.

You can preview the posting before submit.

V2EX Image Hosting

V2EX Image Hosting is an easy to use service for uploading and managing images.

Various Details

Help documentation page.

Privacy settings.

V2EX has a virtual currency system. Its main goal is to promote meaningful interactions between users.

The two versions of 404 Not Found, and a homage to Mac OS X’s multilanguage kernel panic.